You're asking if, in the Bible, sexual contact will prevent one from entering the Kingdom? Obviously not. Later Christianity has grossly misrepresented these terms in a bid to seize control of human reproductivity.

Even in Old Testament law, marriage is not required for sex, and concubines, harems, and prostitutes are openly described. Rahab the Harlot is a heroine. Marriage in the Bible is only a contract of purchase, conducted between the groom and bride's father or male guardian. There is no ceremonial marriage as in the later Christian theater of 'taking vows' etc.

In the Bible, "porneia" is clearly an offense related to idolatry—committed by Esau by eating soup (Heb 12:16). Porneia is not a crime that is defined by having sex. It never was. There is no lexical evidence for it. It's pure assertion. Porneia is defined by a sale of property.

Though Christian evil darkens the heart of many, the Bible itself seeks only to guide in the the worship of deities, and is unconcerned with humans touching each other- except that sex, like everything, is done with love (Jn 13:34 etc.).

religion. sex. facts.

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