You ask questions, supply wrong answers, then go on the attack.

Nice work.

In OT law, prostitution is legal. You’re evading reality. Also, a married woman going off with another man is illegal. Adultery is punished by death.

You’re pretending the ban on adultery creates a divine disapproval of prostitution. This is you acting as a judge gone wild, making connections not present in the law itself.

The “prostitution” or “harlotry” concept found in OT prophesy refers to the “marriage” between YHWH and Israel. The “adultery” happening here is with other gods. It has no bearing on the love lives of Gentile Christian people.

This point is extensively discussed in The Vanishing Hebrew Harlot: The Adventures of the Hebrew Stem ZNH by Irene E. Riegner.

religion. sex. facts.

religion. sex. facts.