We’re not used to reading the Bible with God’s love for humans being the core idea- despite the warning of 1 Cor 13:2: Without love, you know nothing.

What is the ‘judgment’? We know that angels serve different functions and have varying abilities, doing many tasks in a vast spiritual organization of Heaven. I wonder if a judgement of human life would be a kind of job interview, in which abilities would be evaluated based on past performance.

This is understood as an ongoing — even an eternal—project. Lives move forward into vast narratives yet to be. We’re here to learn how to love, as a measure of whether we’d fit into the organization. What does an employer want to see when he hires someone? Team spirit, conscientiousness, dedication. The education can happen on the job.

What might he not want to see? Dedication to rules and procedures that could only pertain to previous jobs the applicant has had.

religion. sex. facts.

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