Well thanks! My own diggings into those passages are here. For me gay marriage is not the biblical position since there is no marriage at all. How does “one in Christ” allow for sacred dyads?

What’s interesting to me now is how a biblical idea of energy flows can be actually helpful. The Israelite religion clearly understands a transmission to be happening through touch. The Christians, in placing hands, etc., also seem to allow for this possibility.

Since, in NT theology, Jesus now ‘owns’ the whole globe, there are no ritual violations anymore. Those involved the interactions between rival deities with their separate geographies and domains.

The point, now, in biblical narrative, would be how to convey, communicate “Jesus energy” among humans. We’d understand the rival deities to still be present, just unseated from their former positions.

The goal would be to transmit, to feel and heal, using one’s energetic abilities. One is a walking temple, creating ritual cleanness wherever one goes? Something like that.

This seems, at present, an odd use for NT teachings. But I think is the correct direction- very undeveloped- for ‘Christianity’.

religion. sex. facts.

religion. sex. facts.