This is all so interesting. He cites no Bible passages. Indeed, since he’s citing “normality” and how he reads the physical body, the Bible is not required. Christianity is voided, even, since the meaning of life is physical gender!

If God’s will is being male and female according to one’s birth, if marriage and childbearing are the central practices, then why was Jesus here? Rooting meaning in physical gender, traditional Christianity has no need for that strange, single man wandering around with men and women denouncing human family in favor of some odd ‘Family of God’. It has no need for his death since gender is here and operating; gender saves us!

All prompts to “love” in an extraordinary way are dispensed with, since physical gender loves territoriality and sexual jealousy. This religion of the bisexed body eats up the text it supposedly worships. . . . which begins in Eden with sexual surgery, an original human divided into two, and regularly features oddly gendered and physically castrated humans as heroes with supra-spiritual knowledge.

religion. sex. facts.

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