The subject of Solomon’s heart turning to other gods, in 1 Kings 11:1–6, is very complex. That a harem is involved, first of all, is not the problem per se- David had one too.

Then we should understand that Solomon is one of the most advanced humans- spiritually, politically, poetically, sexually- who has ever lived. He had God’s own wisdom in him, in a very unique way- never to be replicated. It happened only once that wisdom was placed in a human.

It’s possible more is going on? Wisdom is operating in secret, I think. Jesus says, “But wisdom is proved right by all her children.” Note the word ‘all’. Wisdom has a very long frame of reference.

Let’s think of Solomon’s apostasy, then, more deeply.

Unless he apostatized, the Temple wouldn’t have been destroyed?

The exile wouldn’t have happened.

The messianic project may have required both.

His emotional investment in other peoples also signals the expansion of the covenant to include Gentile people.

Note 1 Kings 11:2: “Solomon clung to these in love.”

This word used here, in the LXX, is agape. This is God’s love for all humans, and unless the Jewish project ended . . . the Christian expansion couldn’t have occurred. Solomon felt for all the people of the earth, not just Jews.

By his apostasy, he paves the way for the Gentile inclusion. This is a very moving scene.

Reading scripture we often see a deeper divine logic that is operating in secret. When the evil gods see Solomon apostatize, it seems a time for evil’s celebrating! God’s hero is fallen!

In fact, the course is set the way for the liberation of the whole earth.

We are here talking now, in Christian narrative, because Solomon ‘fell’.

religion. sex. facts.

religion. sex. facts.