That is interesting, thank you. In considering the vexing issue of how to “classify” people, I wonder if sexuality is usually perceived as an ideology- of being ‘male’ or ‘female’ as a role.

I try to think of sexuality as a buffer zone for trauma. If you’re dominant at work, you might want a wife to run the show at home. You need a break.

Or, you might need a sexual submissive in order to train yourself to be even more dominant.

But on its deepest level, sexual attraction may just be an effort balance your psyche into a dual, male-female state. The person you’re drawn to is the person who best does that for you, who adds or triggers the missing part.

The ‘straight’ mode has one person being the boy and the other the girl, as the ‘gay’ mode has each being both, in a more dynamic interaction. I’ve often thought that homoeroticism is actually the birth of a higher self.

religion. sex. facts.

religion. sex. facts.