Thanks much. I think your work is really important. It seems we're only now able to begin to think through the mysterious logic of Jesus' time on earth & his afterlife.

I hope you've taken some notice of the Odes of Solomon- #42 is a post-death messianic monologue. My own surmise at present is he died innocent, was carted off to Hades—creating a legal problem, cf. Moses in Jude v.9. Jesus appears in the Underworld so he appears to have been taken there, but he doesn't belong there—they have no jurisdiction over him. These "courts of Heaven" stuff get rather tricky, it's all very mysterious.

Here's a translation of the Odes if you're looking for one.

I'm thinking of Lamech's wife and whether she can be believed. We see women typically concealing divine visitations- Mary seems determined not to tell any man (Joseph learns of the angelic impregnation in a dream), as Samson's mother conceals details from his father (who tries to butt in and makes a fool of himself). I think even of Hannah and the high priest in the Temple—he seems to interpret her divine state as being drunk.

As even in Genesis 25:22, men are not typically seen as sources of spiritual insight or information, and seem to be viewed as unable to handle such knowledge when they learn it. The women must be canny.

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