Thanks. I hadn't said Lewis was homosexual. His psychosexual situation could only be seen as unclear. If the problem is evidence for the sexual experience of Lewis and Davidman, then I hope to help with some new additions to the article.

As I'm seeing it, the matter might boil down to how one weighs four points:

1) Hooper said Lewis told him the marriage had been non-sexual and "A Grief Observed" was a fiction, implying Lewis was crafting a theatrical presentation of his marriage.

2) The health of both Davidman and Lewis was poor, and Lewis seems to have been wearing a catheter by December 1957.

3) Arthur Greeves goes on the 'honeymoon' to Ireland, undercutting expectations of this being an event celebrating Lewis' nuptials

4) Davidman's poetry seems to depict a sexless marriage.

Though Lewis superfans are probably going to say Hooper was a fantasist and Davidman exercising "hyperbole," with Lewis being the truth-teller throughout, I suggest there's as much evidence for Lewis taking the opportunity of the marriage to develop commentary on love and marriage. But I assume all writers to be ruthless.

religion. sex. facts.

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