Thanks George. I’d love to learn more about the concept of time as expressed through ancient Hebrew. Even that it reads from right to left is probably theologically significant.

I checked out your article. The Nazi investment in Purim is fascinating, and makes me curious, because Martin Luther himself, the ultimate theorist of Nazism, hated Esther and questioned its canonicity.

I’d ask you to be more circumspect before suggesting those who read the Bible differently than you are “like the Nazis.” That is dangerous territory, because citizen violence against Nazis is widely perceived as acceptable (i.e. when Bonhoeffer attempted to execute Hitler). Your article could be read, even legitimately so, as implicitly making death threats.

The teaching of Jesus is “love one another.” The Bible doesn’t require it be read. It prompts for interpretation but doesn’t authorize any. So you should back off on that kind of rhetoric, ok?


religion. sex. facts.

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