Thanks for this interesting piece, which I find as I’m still reflecting on my recent posting here on Martin Luther seeming to launch the Protestant Reformation with fart jokes and gay panic.

As Ben Franklin’s “Fart Proudly” could be the American motto I have to wonder if all great geo-political/metaphysical movements track with stances on passing gas. Hitler, I’ve read, was a horrific farter. But doesn’t one expect that? I mean, what is WWII if not a bowel explosion?

Frank Zappa’s fartology should be closely observed, i.e. “The Fart Variations and posteriori stink”- and I believe the sage of Laurel Canyon leaves some scattered quips on boys farting after being sodomized.

Would a future be possible in which Joseph Pujol was seen as the presiding genius?

religion. sex. facts.

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