Thanks for keeping the conversation going! I muse over your responses:

  1. If you believed that Jesus was not laying down rules other than “love one another”—how does that change your sex life? It is a prompt to go wild?
  2. What “rules” about sex should a modern Christian person take from prophetic references? Is a crack-addled woman selling herself, for example, to be seen as an earthly representative of the Whore of Babylon?
  3. Does it matter that all prophets were writing under the old covenant? Why are there repeated instructions not to follow OT law if the sexual rules are still in force? (cf. Luke 16:16 or Hebrews 8:13).
  4. When Jesus articulates “my commandment” in John 13:34 he puzzlingly makes no reference to sex. Why is that?
  5. How should a Christian read sexual references in the NT that appear to be ‘metaphorical’? When Paul wants Christians to be a “pure virgin” in 2 Cor 11:2, does this impose a mandate for lifelong physical virginity?

Love to know!

religion. sex. facts.

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