Thank you, yes I think you're tracing the possibilities very well—lurking in Biblical spirituality all along, but at odds with religious traditions.

But note a key difference between Yahweh worship and other hieros gamos cults—the male is the focus as the avatar of the human community, and not a female. The key to the Biblical narratives is that the female is seen as more spiritually capable. The female was taken in the Genesis 6 scene of angels co-opting the human—with the male ignored. We see this dramatised in the scene of the beautiful & wise Sarai taken as Abraham is left bereft. In the divine world, the human male is powerless and helpless.

But then, out of an apparent quirky nature, God chose to focus on the male. (cf. “God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong” (1 Cor 1:27).)

I processed these references back in regard to the work of Theodore Jennings Jr.

While I know very little about the development of rabbinic Judaism, I'm understanding a difficult situation being faced by the Jewish people after the Second Temple was destroyed, with Roman powers bearing down, and an upstart Christianity claiming the scriptures had been fulfilled.

To this day, a question must be asked about any biblical interpretation: What problems is the interpreter trying to solve?

religion. sex. facts.

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