Thank you, that’s fascinating. I’d love to go around asking Christians: So you’re the “bride of Christ,” right? And you’re “one with Christ”? And the male and female become “one flesh” in Genesis 2:24. Doesn’t that mean you have sex with God? In allowing him “into your heart,” into you, you are the ‘female’ who is being penetrated by the divine. The Song of Songs might then seem like adequate preparation to understand the Jesus teachings. The divine is seen to infuse the human believer, as you now operate as a unit.

As a temple is a place where heaven & earth meet, you become the place where heaven and earth meet. Your body, in divine sexual congress, is the new temple.

The problem with this rather basic insight is that it overthrows all “Christian” morality and sensibility, and suggests they had no ability to understand the scriptures they claimed to have mastered. And that they embarked on a long war against human touching and human feelings, in open affront of the celebration of free sexuality that the Bible actually contains.

religion. sex. facts.

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