Thank you Jesuis.

I have to realize “just sex” was an evolution out of “marry me and be bound to me for the rest of your life.”

“Just sex” was a prompt to be present, to be active and alive, to care about the body and be engaged to the body.

But, to evade the marriage model, it evaded the spiritual. A spiritual that the marriage model didn’t really know about. Marriage was really just trying to divinize habit and familiarity, to find resurrection through children. It was anxious.

The spiritual/Tantric encounter possible needs our help now. Making that shift is difficult. It requires focus.

“Just sex” was an effort to be unconscious, to go into the body’s interior through frenzy and distraction.

Spiritual sex would be to discover the layers around the body. A conscious effort to contact and communicate with the higher self.

To heal and restore. To illuminate and guide.

religion. sex. facts.

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