Thank you, I’m suggesting both are true: “purity” is a hoax and the purity pushers were hoaxers.

If the Bible is the standard, “impurity” is a ritual violation, never described in reference to virginity. (Mary “never knew a man” in Luke 1:34; she doesn’t say “I am pure.”) Purity in Jewish spirituality involves matters like genital discharge, menstruation, etc. Instructions on ritual cleansing for ritual circumstances are given (e.g. Gen. 35:2, Exo. 19:10–11, Num. 9:11–12, etc.). Sexual touching is not what creates “impurity.”

Human access to the world of the deities is the actual idea. As Ceslaus Spicq notes, in the wider world of Classical Greek: “hagneia refers to the ritual purity of hierophants, temples, or victims offered in sacrifice. From the time of Homer, hagnos (pure) was often used to describe the gods, and purity was a synonym of holiness.”

In New Testament theology, purity is never defined, but used, as in 1 Peter 1:22, in reference to showing love to others. To describe Gentile Christian people as “impure” if they touch each other is an obscene violation of New Testament theology and an open abuse of human beings.

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