Thank you, I’m reminded of Walter Wink noting that Jesus calls himself ‘son of man’, which means simply ‘a human being’. Might the suggestion be that humans are not yet ‘human’, but animals learning to ascend the ladder of transformations.

You’re quite right to suggest additional gendered models for the divine, though we are still very far from the Ode of Solomon 19:

The Son is the cup and He who was milked is the Father: And the Holy Spirit milked Him: because His breasts were full . . .

I only just read the other day that the title might not be a reference to Solomon the OT figure, as “Sh’lom in Hebrew or Syriac means ‘peace’ or ‘rest,’ the title could be translated ‘The Odes of his Peace (or Rest).’”

I think the Odes of His Rest is lovely and reminds me of Jesus in Mark 6:31: “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Jesus may be a figure for relaxing out of all categories, from ‘male’ to ‘female’, including the category of ‘mortal’.

religion. sex. facts.

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