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In the Bible, ‘God’ is a family (i.e. “Family of God”). There is the Father, and the Son. When you “marry” Jesus, you become the “Bride of Christ”—he is your husband, as the Father then becomes your Father too—because you’ve married into the family.

The logic of the divine marriage weaves throughout all biblical narrative, and Christians often don’t track it very well at all. As a tradition, Christianity seems to know very little about it, other than the ‘Bride of Christ’ language which the tradition takes to be mostly affirmations of human marriage.

But in fact, biblical spirituality thinks very seriously of the shifting family relationships between human communities and deities. It is a long and involved story. In the Hebrew scriptures (“Old Testament”), the Father seems to be marrying the Jews directly. The scene with Moses at the top of Mt Zion seems to be framed as a marriage ceremony, with Ezekiel 16 as God’s overview. Israel is the ‘girl’ He marries.

Their relationship is rocky. Israel cheats on Him (with other deities). God keeps drawing her into a deeper relationship. (cf. Hosea 2:16: “In that day,” declares the LORD, “you will call me ‘my husband’; you will no longer call me ‘my master.’”)

But she ultimately can’t stop committing “adultery,” and so God divorces her (cf. Jer 3:8). This seems to be God’s secret plan all along, however, since He really wants to marry all people of the world, for He loves all people. This sets up Jesus’ arrival as the ‘Bridegroom’ who seeks a ‘wife’ to marry.

The work of the Jesus followers is to bring others into the Family—by extending love and consideration to new people. They join the family too. This seems to be a real, physical transfer of affection, not broadcasting “correct” theology. In that sense, “Christianity” as an abstract system is not even biblical concept.

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