Thank you! May I ask a theological question? Where in the Bible does ‘sex’ have its own special theological category?

You say that “sex is a holy thing for a committed couple”—I assume you mean it has more holiness and importance than any other human activity, like talking to a pastor, visiting the sick, etc.

But what is the reference for that—for ‘sex’ having its own separate measurement and conditions of holiness?

What is sex, I wonder. I assume we mean . . . intense touching. Does the Bible care if it’s penetrative, or reproductive? I’m not seeing that it does.

Does this touching activity need to involve only two people, and must they deeply care about each other?

When Jesus says ‘two or three’ in Matt 18:20, is he to be understood as excluding a ‘sexual’ context because more than two people are present?

religion. sex. facts.

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