Thank you. In any Tantric system you’re having ‘sex’ with the deity. I suspect the rival faiths of the OT period did often feature this possibility, and that it is also woven into Jewish spirituality.

There are many pointers to that- some noted in A Great Mystery by Eugene Seaich, discussing the apparent fact that the cherubim of Solomon’s Temple were in sexual congress.

Indeed, though it is largely been ignored by modern believers, this divine male-female paradigm has been a critical part of Israel’s soteriology for countless centuries, probably since the time of the Sumero-Semitic “Sacred Marriage,” shaping the symbolism of the Temple, and inspiring numerous scriptural references to God’s “marriage” to his people, the most striking being the poetry of the Song of Songs.

Note also the Hekalot Rabbati of the throne of God: “Gladden the King who (sits) upon you, / As the joy of the bridegroom in the nuptial chamber.”

About this, Elliot Wolfson says: “the enthronement is a form of hieros gamos, and thus the connotation of the description of the yored merkavah as one who is worthy to see the King and his throne is that he witnesses the union above.”

I think that would mean the man close to God will be having lots of sex, and who does that remind one of?

religion. sex. facts.

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