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The scene of Mary's impregnation in the gospels seems to suggest angelic sex in the Gen 6 way, but that's not clearly an embodied exchange. She just becomes pregnant. Maybe the angels have that ability. Lamech's wife seems to deny angel sex had taken place.

I wondered if Joseph, like Lamech, is wary in that narrative of angelic intrusion into the human world.

As a point against sex occurring between angels and women, I've been thinking lately about the figure of Sarah- who seems in Genesis 18:12 to value sexual pleasure with Abraham.

It occurred to me that suggests her innovation and importance to the narrative: unlike the Gen 6 women, Sarah had chosen a human husband. She seems to have done so in view of sexual pleasure, that is, she has the "wisdom" to see that the human male and female are the appropriate mating pair, cf. Gen 2:23.

This might be the 'submission' in 1 Peter 3:5–6—but rather, an acknowledgement that the human male is her appropriate consort and not a deity. Women are seen as spiritually superior to men, but display wisdom in consideration of human males.

religion. sex. facts.

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