More games from Evangelical men!

I linked to your thread, and present your remarks in context. There is nothing incorrect. You disagree with Grudem and fault his approach.

You continue on, in your Twitter thread, to personally find some undisclosed, undescribed support for divorce in “Ephesians 5.” This seems more a whim than anything. You don’t seem to have published anything about divorce. I’m not sure why you reference your extant work.

The effect of your involvement, then, may be to help knock out Grudem’s case—without providing more plausible grounds for abused women seeking relief in Evangelical communities. In the dynamics of power, this makes you, in my view, a bad actor.

Thinking over your dangled idea that Ephesians 5 is the actual authority in regulating marriages and allowing divorces, I’m not even seeing that this is capable of producing a divorce on grounds of abuse. It does the opposite.

If you’re suggesting that male-female marriage is defined in relation to a Jesus-human marriage, this situates the human male as divine. And divorce is analogized to the wife being severed from the covenant—i.e. perdition.

So man is God and the woman is in Hell. You’re a perfect Evangelical.

religion. sex. facts.

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