Interesting, thx! I suspect that Gentile Christians might not have known how Jewish spirituality worked. Scanning the 1st and 2nd apologies of Justin Martyr, for example, I see none of the ‘marriage’ or ‘bride’ talk. They saw porneia and thought it referred to sex.

As Christians then were under fire for being supposed orgiastic baby-eaters, they were eager to defend themselves by using the porneia talk as an indication of ‘chastity’ and sexual control inherent to the faith.

About holidays, I semi-suspect that holiday worship is inherently religious. As Christians are to avoid ‘traditions of men’ (Col 2:8), etc., even Christmas, etc., may start to look iffy.

But is it porneia? I’m understanding porneia to be receiving favors from other gods, and may require a specific focus on temple activities.

Does a church that focuses on a god of fertility, or earthly blessings, for example, constitute a vehicle for porneia?

I expect the Christian advice is to pray about it, if that kind of thing is on one’s mind, but also to see oneself as a missionary wherever one goes.

What do you think?

religion. sex. facts.

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