I’m sorry, but you’re reciting an ideology at odds with the text. Divorce is legal in the OT without any nods of concern to husbandly misbehavior or wifely welfare.

You’re making so much spiritual psychology up—you’re basically mind-reading God—and you can’t even see it.

You might in some future moment pause to grapple with the fact that gods in the Bible are discussed as husbands — a “baal” is the word for husband. And “adultery” is a typical word in prophesy for worshipping the wrong deity.

The Samaritan woman of John 4 is a really helpful study. She has, Jesus says, five husbands. A Jewish woman with five spouses is not possible. As Brandt Pitre notes in Jesus the Bridegroom notes, this is actually just re-telling the story of Samaria, in 2 Kings 17:13–23, worshipping five gods.

The Bible speaks of the spiritual situation of the planet in terms of gods being ‘husbands’ and nations being ‘wives’. Jesus, it turns out, isn’t the sex police.

religion. sex. facts.

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