I suspect if one saw the Bible performed it would come across as heavily female-centered- with the Song of Songs (female-narrated), the female songs of Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, Mary, etc., being the showstoppers.

But an unexpected design would appear in the plot. The division into binary sexuality happening in Eden would be understood as a problem. The whole human was cut into two—as a reaction to crisis (the serpent's entrance into the garden).

All biblical narrative then becomes about re-fusing what was separated. And the biggest problem is dealing with those mentally ill powermongering animals we call 'men'.

They are a special problem in the divine effort to recreate the human into 'one'. And Jesus' cultivation of the male disciples begins to look like an intensive work on the old, old problem of the male half of the human. They appear to have no spiritual ability (Jesus is constantly chiding them)—as they appear to be concerned only with power, position, violence, rage.

Samson's mother sees the angel; his father sees only a man.

Sarai is said to be wise and beautiful; of Abraham nothing is said.

religion. sex. facts.

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