I have to wonder how many of your ideas are defenses from the traditional morality—ie. defending oneself from the attack. There is very good evidence the NT texts were written in the 1st century.

The texts relevant to Christians are mostly the John gospel and 1 John. These are written in clear, common terms. They say: love each other.

I’m going to suggest you’re mostly just reacting to the later tradition. There is actually no Bible doctrine of ‘heaven’ . . . the word ‘heaven’ is just a general term for the spirit world (i.e. “heaven and earth”).

A good reference for that is J. Richard Middleton’s A New Heaven and a New Earth. He says: “find even one passage in the New Testament that clearly said Christians would live in heaven forever or that heaven was the final home of the righteous.” …It’s not there.

Rather, all humans die and their soul ‘bodies’ go to Sheol, which is called called ‘deep’ and described in terms of going to sleep. When referred to in the New Testament, the word ‘Hades’ is used.

In the future Resurrection, some souls are ‘raised’, i.e. born again. The criteria for which souls are ‘raised’ is not disclosed, but being affiliated with Christian churches or using Jesus language is not noted. That is again just the tradition enforcing a membership model.

Jesus says the ‘commandment’ is “Love one another.” He never says to love him, even.

Jewish cosmology is very complex, with many spirit governors making independent decisions, and may even allow for reincarnation, etc. (What is the Resurrection but a form of reincarnation?)

What we know, or are told, is that God is merciful and loving, and that He hates death above all else.

He made us to be beautiful and extends every chance to develop in unimaginable ways, is my belief, and this process extents from this world to the next . . . and worlds beyond that.

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