I get it. You thought godliness means not touching people, and the Bible is not supplying that evidence. The wives, the harems, the eunuchs, etc., are all weird and overwhelming to you. You expected laws against prostitution and insults to prostitutes; neither are in the text. Polygamy is fine- married men can be sexy with anyone, under Jewish law. Prostitutes in ancient Rome were typically slaves and the Christian advice is they were to do their jobs. There was no condemnation for sex, until we get to you.

  1. ‘Justification’ doesn’t mean repenting of sex, strangely enough. “When Israel was brought out of exile in Babylon, she was said to have been justified (Isa 50:8; 53:11). The expression spoke of having been removed from one kingdom and placed in another.” (Tom Holland, Romans, 91)
  2. The Jezebel storyline has no suggestion of sexual contact. That was another thing you made up. If sex was present, as I explain in my porneia article, then the “joining” that matters, as in Numbers 25, is still with the rival god. Who knew the Bible was about spirit beings?
  3. “Sin” is not touching another human, married or not. It’s a Jewish term that refers to the influence of other gods on human behavior. Cozy up with a Second Temple scholar like Dr. Miryam Brand, rather than some dumb pastor who yells at you every Sunday while you cower thinking you’re having a “good life” because you don’t rock the boat. http://understandingsin.com/
  4. Whatever else you said, I tried to help out and forgot about.

religion. sex. facts.

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