Hi there, I’m trying to understand your view regarding the Decalogue. You’re suggesting the ten rules describe perfect godly behavior. Jesus understands we start out not being able to enact that perfection, but he gets us jump-started, and over time we get there? That’s Christianity?

I’m trying to figure out, first of all, how you evade all the rest of OT law. (Note James 2:10 cf.Gal 5:3 — if following one part, you must follow it all.)

Then you’re not a Jew—is that a problem? A Gentile person is never offered Jewish law and was unable to enter the Temple- it was a capital crime.

The one reference you cite is Mt. 22:36–40 cf. Lev 19:18, but I’d understood this passage to concern the inadequacy of Jewish law.

The ‘love one another as I have loved you’ of John 13:34 is a different text — not confined to the neighbor and using Jesus as the example.

If you’re following Lev 19:18, or imagining you are, then the Christian teachings have not been accessed.

That’s my best effort at the moment to understand your ideas.

religion. sex. facts.

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