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  1. The theological situation of Israel during the exile matters. It is not our situation now. You’re deciding to take marital references from Malachi, written during the exile, when the clear subject is the marriage of Israel and God, which was carried out through cultic rituals at the Temple which is now destroyed (“You flood the Lord’s altar with tears,” etc.). That is not a Christian situation. You try to get 2 Tim 3:16 to reinforce your invented, ahistorical “marriage theology” and then attack me as “cherry-picking” for pointing it out?
  2. When prompted repeatedly you can point to no discussion of marriage ceremony when covenants are being articulated.
  3. No biblical spouse ever is said to love their spouse as a defining trait of marriage. That is absurd Christian fantasy. There is no New Testament discussion of marriage and no special ‘love’ for spouses. “Love one another,” Jesus says. That’s taken into every human relationship.
  4. Peter’s wife is invisible because human marriage doesn’t matter. In the NT the only marriage that matters and is a guide to human behavior is the marriage of Jesus & humans. The only OT marriage that matters is Yahweh & Israel.

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