Hey thx. The Sodom story is complex but the angels go to Sodom to investigate a crime that has already occurred. In the Bible, “outcry” is usually a cue to murder.

Then in Ezekiel 49:49–51, God says Sodom was a problem of girls being ‘inhospitable’ and mistreating the poor.

As the scholar Scott Morschauser works through the references, the angels are suspected of being spies (Sodom is a city at war). Lot, the gate-watchman, has let unknown men into the city without permission. The city rulers arrive to interrogate (“know”) them, since they might be enemy agents.

Lot offers to put up his valued daughters as hostages until the visitors leave. This is a typical biblical plot device.

It goes to hell from there. But hating gays is not what the text is about.

religion. sex. facts.

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