Hey thx! I hope I did not leave an impression that Ravi Zecharias was critiqued for being sexual. He held out monogamous marriage as the key Christian practice, which is grossly unbiblical, and it's bitingly hypocritical that he was having lots of sex with other women.

Thanks for the rundown on Hillsong. I also get a very dark spirit from that crowd. I'm glad Lentz is out of there. (I hope to do a profile soon of Brian Houston's pedophile father and wouldn't be surprised to find more of the same.) But there is no attack on affluence in the Bible, and wealthy patrons are often noted in NT narratives. Note you don't know if Lentz even paid retail for his shoes. I've myself had garments marked in that price range but paid almost nothing for them.

But Lentz was a performer who got a lot of notice and media coverage in the very difficult New York market. In addition to the showbiz glitz, he put a lot of hard-core Christian talk into his interviews. He could wear Cinderella's glass slippers for all I care.

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