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  1. Paul sees Christians as spirit beings. They’ve been baptized- the new white robes given them- they’re all but Resurrected. But the regular Christian reader thinks Paul is speaking down, as a law-giver, to chaotic, ‘sinful’ physical beings. A fatal shift in context.
  2. A messianic prophesy in Gen 2:24 propels the entire drama! Remember this is a story that God is propelling through mysterious utterances as many beings, spirit and human, are given choices to make. The Enochian reading of Genesis 6 is helpful in suggesting the divine world that is happening in the background. I call it ‘the Bible behind the Bible’. Other Sons of God make a move to take over the rulership of Earth. Genesis 6, in Enochian Judaism, is a hostile takeover of human reproduction and an effort to take control of the earth. Then Jesus comes to the earth and says: No, it’s mine. The proof is that he loves humans and incarnated among us. The other divine beings hover in the spirit world, just out of sight (cf. Mark 8:24, etc.), and transact with this world through idols. Throughout the gospels, Jesus sees them and semi-speaks to them. Question: how do the biblical writers know that Satan ‘entered’ Judas in Luke 22:3?

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