Hey thanks, this 1986 clip does seem to suggest the girlfriend story was a cover story. No name, no details, no emotions. Did any of his friends know this 'Ann'- who conveniently went to another college? Would Mullins' friends participate in a cover story?

Please note: two full documentaries and a published biography of Mullins haven't mentioned A SINGLE WORD about any girlfriend. I wrote to James Bryan Smith and David Leo Schultz asking for any shred of evidence to disrupt a gay reading, and neither replied. Reed Arvin said he couldn't confirm Mullins' being straight.

Doing publicity for his "Ragamuffin" fiction movie, Schultz said (quote) "there was actually more than one" girlfriend and "there could have been ten" of them for all his knows. This looks to me like Mullins having girls as social companions while he tried to be employed as a youth pastor, where marriage would be compulsory.


If you have any thing real, let me know.

religion. sex. facts.

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