Hey thanks, good to hear from you. Yes you are right- the way Christianity is presented is authoritarian—they look up to “lord and savior” instead of look around to fellow Christians and “love one another.”

I should re-do that passage you cite, thank you. I was trying to condense too many ideas. I would want to focus on these ideas:

  • As Christianity is discussed as the ‘Bride’, then to subordinate the female is to subordinate ourselves.
  • Passages that might have led anyone to think Paul was discouraging female speech, or subordinating the female in any way, should have used Galatians 3:28 as a reference. Sexual segregation is not possible in New Testament theology. We are not to be “male or female.”
  • The final realization is that we are not to be “male or female”—since we are to be both. The division in Eden is the problem that Christian theology is here to resolve.

religion. sex. facts.

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