Hey thanks! The answer is that Genesis 2:24 is not discussing human marriage. It’s a messianic prophesy.

Jesus has no regard for human marriage. He shreds them, and no marriage by bible heroes follows the map of leaving ‘father and mother’ and entering a monogamous marriage.

In the Matthew dialogue, Jesus doesn’t engage with the Pharisees. They ask him about their stupid marriage questions and he responds with a different spiritual concept. They ask about human marriage; he speaks of spiritual marriage—to himself.

In Gen 2:24, as Jesus says, the Creator is the one speaking. The verse is a prophesy, spoken of a future point: The future Messiah will leave heaven, leave the father & mother, and go to the earth to be with humans.

(Note: God the Father & Holy Spirit are understood by early Christians as the mother & father. There are many references this, as in Eph 6:2, the ‘gospel of Philip’. Jesus calls HS the ‘mother’ in the Hebrew Gospel. The HS’s supposed maleness was added in translation.)

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