Hey buddy, thanks for the note. Paul never comments on the “cult of Bacchus” and no homosexual orgies were part of Dionysian worship that I know of. Can you cite a source on that?

Getting knowledge of God from your neighbors, T.V., whatever, is not scriptural analysis, and when you invoke the name of God you’re therefore requiring a different standard than what you “heard.”

The Bible says “there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom 8:1). But you keep referring to condemnation. What is the source of this condemnation? Is it God, or you? Those are different.

I’d love to affirm verses that prohibit children being misused, but am not sure Luke 17:2 is doing that. Why would only male sexual behavior be condemned? Are women free to abuse children?

That reference belongs to the idolatry narrative of other gods, who are always male.

I feel for you, buddy. Your job is to love people, if you care about the Jesus teachings. By evaluating, judging, condemning, you‘re not doing that, and you turn to attacks on others to make up the difference?

religion. sex. facts.

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