Hey again. I spent awhile revising my porn article to try and speak to your concerns and generally improve it. Thank you for bringing those concerns to me and engaging the subject.

I agree the Holy Spirit is the key interpreter, but you’re just reading Christian tradition . . . which has tried very hard to deceive you.

You’re not reading the scriptures. You’re reading for restrictions you were taught were there, and aren’t. You weren’t supposed to notice.

Rahab is “justified” when she moves from one nation to another. That’s all. She becomes an important term in discussing the inclusion of the Gentiles in the Jewish covenant, but there’s no mention in that discussion of sexual experience. The Bible is a book about our spirits, not our physical bodies. Our bodies die. Our spirits are reborn.

There’s nothing in Jewish law forbidding prostitution. You continue to make that up. Rahab marries and becomes a wife. At that point sex with another man is wrong, but not before- under Jewish law. She becomes an important genetic hub, the mother of prophets, the foremother of Jesus. Do not insult her.

Deuteronomy 18 has nothing on the subject of the wives of Jewish kings. It’s as if you’re blinded.

Obviously the harem of Jewish kings, and concubines in general, are key to biblical narrative.

From some passages it appears that the king’s harem, at least in the early days of the monarchy, used to pass to his successor. In 2 S 12:8, Nathan says that it was Yahweh himself who, by establishing David as king of Israel, had given him the wives of his master Saul. Absolom publicly approached the concubines whom David had left in Jerusalem: it was a way of asserting that he was now king (2 S 16:21–22), for possession of the harem was a title to the throne. (Roland De Vaux, Ancient Israel: Its Life and Instructions, 116)

Note- the women aren’t punished. Under Jewish law, they’re single ladies.

I’m understanding that you read Matthew 5:28 as telling you (though presumably you’re not a Jewish man of the early 1st century) not to feel warmly toward women you’re not “married” to, a spiritual situation you may understand as being created by a ritual performed at a temple-like church, by a priest-like figure.

You might additionally feel that being sexual only with that one special lady is a central life accomplishment, and even the terms for eternal bliss.

All of that is not present in the Bible.

It’s a tissue of assumptions and links that, when looked at one by one for scriptural underpinning, evaporate.

I would say: Jesus loves you. Your feeling are fine. If you want to be sexy with one lady, or ten, it’s a matter regulated- for a Gentile Christian man- only by John 13:34- “love one another.”

If loving your Christian sister (culturally referenced as a “wife”) involves sexual monogamy, then be loving that way. No problem.

But your intimacies are not given spiritual value beyond that, and to say that not diddling another lady is the grounds of divine judgement . . . is a very serious scriptural problem. Spiritual worth is given as God directs it.


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