Ha, getting theology via Dickinson seems to me the Bible reading of the future! I lately wonder if the Jesus teachings are meant to indicate that, against a backdrop of eternality and change from one form to another, a higher change into a spiritual being is now possible.

But I’ve been thinking of how to explain to the Bethel types that, yes, resurrection is in the biblical narratives but is not an ability to aspire for, or attempt to invoke.

I wrote a friend asking about this, & this is his helpful reply.

The great commission does not include it. When Jesus sent out the disciples, He gave them specific missions.

My current take is that the Lord has specific missions of each believer today. There will often be overlap between believers, but all are not the same.

Which begs the question, “How do I know what mine is/are?” Well, it is certainly not something our egos invent, that would be self-serving pride.

The great commandment is loving others, and it has an outward focus. “What can I best do to love Jonathan?” Maybe it is just sitting with him and let him yap. Perhaps it is a beautiful long hug. I guess that it is not something the person can easily or better do for himself. I also need to let him do what the Lord directs him to lovingly do to me. (Lovingly based on I Cor. 13!)

99.99% of the time, it will be intuitive.

Only on hyper rare occasions will there be that still small voice that gives direction.

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