Are you trying to enter a dialogue, or was that just a speech?

Sirach is a key Qumran text. Please don’t insult spiritual communities and canons you know nothing about.

Can you provide sources for the comment: “Spirit has no gender.” I suspect not. Spirits have bodies. They eat (Ps 78:25 etc.). We don’t have much context for their bodies, but to disembody them is an affront to Jewish spirituality.

God is regularly seen and presented in gendered forms, from father to mother to son. You can accept it or reject it. Your choice.

Of the Wisdom references, among those you strangely omit is Luke 7:33–35. If Jesus is Wisdom then he would seem to be his own mother. Tricky.

The Bible says the human is created in the the image of God. This is clearly a reference to a structural form, not some abstraction. cf. “Humanity as the image of God” by David J.A. Clines (among many other references so put away your laser blaster).

The Christian person is neither male nor female because spiritually we have become both again- the Edenic state of Genesis 2:24.

You don’t have to believe this, but I’d appreciate you stopping an effort to misrepresent biblical literature.

religion. sex. facts.

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