Are you trying to engage me in dialogue? If so, don't pretend you know more than me when you're just raising some finer points.

I've written about all of them in my expanded Mullins article in Roctober magazine. The text you need to note, if wishing to be accurate here, is the FBC seminar on YouTube. Mullins included a love song, he notes, because it was his producer's idea. He doesn't say which it was, but "The River" is a great guess.

He says his released songs don't much reflect his actual self, and that he doesn't write love songs. (“I don’t have a lot of occasions to do that.”)

But then in "Wounds of Love" as you note there is a certain eros. As I note in my article, the song is without gendered references, and Beaker lived in Atlanta.

religion. sex. facts.

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