Are we psychically linked? I was just researching this issue.

Could the humans be realizing they have reproductive potential?

Amid a variety of points to make, I was looking at Leviticus 19:23, which in translation appears to be a ban on eating from a fruit tree for its first three years of production.

But a scholar notes the typical translation is keeping secrets. There's words in the verse no one really understands. The tree appears to be a male body which is circumcised.

The awkward but more precise translation: "When you come to the land, and you plant any food tree, you shall 'uncircumcise' its foreskin, its fruit, for three years, shall be [as] uncircumcised to you, it shall not be eaten."

This is not simple farming practices, but some kind of theological procedure.

Reading back into Eden, I'm thinking the tree is really a divine being, as divinities seem to be seen as 'trees' throughout the Bible & 1 Enoch.

But the tree in Eden is too young to be touchedโ€”the whole Eden drama is about premature 'sex'. There's a process of maturity which Lev 19:23 is safeguarding.

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