A person’s mind is not “infected” by sexuality. Do you think other people are diseases that infect?

You cherry-pick weird translations that are grossly erroneous. Phil 4:8 does not say “moral excellence”—the Greek word arete simply means ‘excellence in performing a function’. A prompt to be good at whatever you do.

The word ‘flesh’ or sarx does not refer to the sexual body. It’s Paul’s theological term for our mortal embodiment. If you think it means no more “fleshly” activities, then stop eating.

Porneia in 1 Corinthians 5:1 could not mean “sexual immorality” and if you thrust that meaning on it, would refer to incest- a problem not because of sexuality but family connection. (As I explain, “father’s wife” is the Jews, Yahweh’s wife throughout the OT. It’s another warning against Judaizing.)

Nowhere could porneia possibly refer to looking at another human.

What an evil and hateful man you are.

religion. sex. facts.

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