A key insight of the Samson narrative is that angels are discussed as looking like ordinary humans to ordinary people. I wonder if impregnation could occur through ordinary human means. The woman sees an 'awesome' being, but her husband just sees a guy.

I don't know that Samson is angelically sired but it could be. I do think he's part of some secret geneology—the feminine/left hand genealogy.

That part about Moses' body in the book of Jude is actually from another text called the "Assumption of Moses"—which survives in a partial Latin copy, though the part being cited has been lost.

One of the things I learned from study of the Dead Sea Scroll discovery narratives is that many more books appear to have existed—with the "Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs" worth mentioning, apparently being found in a DSS cave discovery c.800 A.D. This was a vast narrative universe which later traditions tried to prune down to what could be passed off as historical.

I see the Qumran community as writing all these texts. I gather the "Bible" is the Enoch literature re-written with a new narrative focus. I've wondered if the Enoch literature and the Bible are seen as "male and female" to each other, one created after the other.

religion. sex. facts.

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