How, again, did the Evangelical idea get started?

Jesus will be appearing in the sky any day now, as Evangelicals—his truest believers—will fly up there to meet him.

Charles Anderson, “The Dallas Rapture” (c.1973)

Evangelical books about the Rapture say nothing of its origins.

The ‘Scofield Bible’ has an ugly history

Since 1909, it’s been seen by Evangelicals as nearly divine. Those famous footnotes explained everything to you.

C.I. Scofield c.1920 (colorized; collage)

We knew nothing about him.

Jack Murphy made a movement’s sex secrets public

Tall, muscular, bearded, talking up his ‘masculinity’ and Republican politics, slinging insults against feminists, etc., Jack Murphy has been a right-wing star.

Jack Murphy on May 5, 2019 ( Twitter)

Jack Murphy was an “alpha” or “giga chad,” as the lingo goes.

The religion had a busy year!

What a year 2021 was for Evangelical sex scandals! My God, they fell like manna from Heaven. Can I even pick a top ten?

Brian Houston, Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (2018)

10. The sins of Brian Houston’s father

A look at the strange faith of a beloved writer

Joan Didion, the beloved writer, died a few days ago. She was a Christian? “I was raised an Episcopalian,” she said.

Joan Didion in 2007 (Fred R. Conrad; edited)

She was born in 1934 in Sacramento.

A religion’s books are written by staff—often women and gays!

When I was growing up Evangelical, I thought it was ruled by pastors who were “men of God.” Shouldn’t powerful men be running things?


There’s notorious cases—like Hal Lindsey.

Beth Moore caught at an Anglican church is the tip of the iceberg

The Evangelical world is up in arms over Evangelical leader Beth Moore being photographed worshipping at an Anglican church.

Beth Moore at St. Timothy’s Anglican Church (enhanced; credit: Protestia)

Jonathan Poletti

religion. sex. facts.

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