God only knows where they got them

If you grow up Christian, then read Bible scholarship, you might have to face facts. Key beliefs of “the church” aren’t in the Bible.


1. Is the goal to get to “Heaven”?

An Evangelical teacher kept secrets

She was a paradox—the teacher on sex for a religion that didn’t talk about sex, and that didn’t allow female teachers.

She had no formal theological education.

A lawsuit against a historic leader indicts a religion

A civil case is making its way through Texas courts. Filed in 2017, a man says that when he was age 14, in 1980, a youth pastor at his church raped him.

Judge Paul Pressler (2004)

The case has lurked in the Baptist and Texas press.

Looking at Jim Elliot undressed

He was always a little naked. In college, he was a wrestler, and even those shots of him are an odd intrusion in Evangelical Christianity.

Wheaton Tower 1946, Wrestling team photo (colorized)

When researching him, I’d begun to notice how unusually exposed he often was.

New facts about a religious hero

Could the great Jim Elliot, the model of sexual “purity” in the Evangelical world, have slept around before getting married?

Jim Elliot, Wheaton yearbook photo (1945; colorized)

Jim Elliot, missionary and ‘martyr’, has been seen as the model Evangelical.

Censored for 65 years, the anguished final words of an Evangelical hero are revealed

He’s been a staple of Evangelical Christianity since the late 1950s. Three books about him by his widow have been all but required reading.

Jonathan Poletti

religion. sex. facts.

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