Scholars identify the deity’s surprising sexual vibe

When you grow up Evangelical, Jesus is real masculine. As Billy Graham said: “I’m not believing in some effeminate character.”

Finally, someone was listening to God

She was born in 1942, and raised in a religion that seems unbelievably cruel. But it was just some Christians in Minnesota.

A theological insight came to her.

How a painter became a religious movement

I’m still puzzled by Thomas Kinkade, who rose to superstardom in the 1990s by saying he was—a prophet of God? He did paintings of English country cottages.

Thomas Kinkade (2011)

Kinkade’s company still presents him as a special servant of God.

A new film on the Christian hero erases the gay references

I’m looking over a forthcoming movie about Christian hero C.S. Lewis, and can’t seem to find the name of his gay best friend.

C.S. Lewis & Nicholas Ralph as C.S. Lewis in “The Most Reluctant Convert

The new film purports to dramatize Lewis’ memoir.

Chuck Swindoll has for decades been an iconic Evangelical cleric, with a radio show that is broadcast globally in many languages.

Luci Swindoll

At the age of 12 she decided she’d never marry.

For Christians, she’s been a low prostitute. For Bible scholars, she’s a feminist pioneer.

She’s in the Jesus story, and Christians didn’t really know why. Why is a woman—much less a prostitute—in the sacred book?

MirageMari (2021)

1. Her name tells the story of an independent, visionary woman

How hard is it to find him?

The story of an Evangelical infection

In a sermon on August 30th, John MacArthur of Grace Community Church, a key leader of the Evangelical world, said he’d caught COVID-19 last December.

Jonathan Poletti

religion. sex. facts.

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